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Mark Twain Cabin

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Replica of the Cabin
site photo
Landmark Number: 138
Location: 1 mi NW of Tuttletown off State Hwy 49, Tuolumne County
Marker Plaque: Official State Plaque


From the California Historical Landmarks
This is a replica of Mark Twain's cabin, with original chimney and fireplace. Here on Jackass Hill, young Mark Twain, while guest of the Gillis Brothers in 1864-65, gathered material for The Jumping Frog of Calaveras County, which first brought him fame, and for Roughing It.

Cabin site is located at the end of Jackass Hill Road, approximately 0.8 miles from Highway 49.

Official State Marker plaques are located on Highway 49 approximately 0.1 miles northwest and southeast of the intersection with Jackass Hill Road.

Twain Harte Trail plaque at the cabin site.
Detail of the Twain Harte Trail plaque.
Rotary plaque at the site.
One of 2 official state marker plaques on Highway 49.



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