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Old Dry Diggins - Old Hangtown - Placerville

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Site of the Old Dry Diggins (2002)
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Landmark Number: 475
Location: Northeast corner of Bedford and Main Streets, Placerville, El Dorado County
Marker Plaque: Official State Plaque


This rich mining camp was established on the banks of Hangtown Creek in the spring of 1848. Millions in gold were taken from its ravines and hills, and it served as a supply center for mining camps and transportation terminus for the famous Comstock Lode. John M. Studebaker, Mark Hopkins, Leland Stanford, Phillip Armour and Edwin Markham were among well-known men who contributed to Placerville's history, as did John "Snowshoe" Thompson, who carried from 60 to 80 pounds of mail on skis from Placerville over the Sierra to Carson Valley during winter months.
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