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Agua Fria

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Landmark Number: 518
Location: 4189 State Highway 140 (3.2 miles west of Mariposa), Mariposa County
Marker Plaque: one or more plaques placed by civic organizations or other groups


Agua Fria ("Cold Water" in Spanish) was the original county seat of Mariposa County. From California Historical Landmarks:
One-quarter mile north of Carson Creek, a tributary of Agua Fria Creek, was located the town of Agua Fria, in 1850-1851 the first county seat of Mariposa County. One of the original 27 counties in California, Mariposa County comprised one-sixth of the state - all of what is now Merced, Madera, Fresno, Tulare, Kings and Kern Counties - until 1852, while mining was the main industry of [the] region.

Marker Plaque Placed by the Clampers
Marker Plaque Placed by the Native Daughters of the Golden West



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