California Historic Landmarks

A collection of California Historic Landmarks

There are over 1,000 sites designated by the State of California as historic landmarks. This site is an on-going effort to catalog visits to each of the sites.

Each site visited by the author is presented with a brief description and one or more photographs. Links to additional information are provided where available.


All sites currently in the database

A breakdown by county is shown on the statistics page.


California State Parks - Office of Historic Preservation. The state agency responsible for designating sites as historical landmarks. They also publish the California Historical Landmark Guidebook.

Donald Laird's California State Historical Landmarks - As of April 2003, Donald has visited 1011 of the more than 1,000 sites.

David Schmitt's California State Historical Landmarks - David's site contains photos, maps, and a page with links to other similar sites. As of July 2017, David has visited 1062 of the sites.