Ski Swiss December 1998 Grindelwald

Pictures from my ski vacation in Grindelwald, Switzerland. These pictures were taken with an instamatic camera over a couple of days, so the lighting and quality varies quite a bit.

A larger version of the photos can be loaded by clicking on them.


This was the view of the Schreckhorn from the front of our hotel


And this was the view of the Wetterhorn from the balcony outside our room on the other side of the hotel.

Looking back up the hill towards the Firstbahn from the hotel parking lot. There is a small group of children on their way to school, though they are rather hard to see.

Skiing from the hotel down through the village to the train station. From the bottom of this hill, one skis down one of the village streets to get to the train station.

The Schreckhorn is in the background

Loading our skis on the train for the quick ride up to Kleine Scheidegg. These narrow-gauge trains serve the small villages in the area and use cog wheels to climb the steep sections of track.


© 1999 Thomas Brightbill