Ski Swiss December 1998 Grindelwald


This shot was taken on one of the days we skied the Firstbahn gondola, which was only open on the weekends because it was the beginning of the season. The very top of the mountain was closed that day because of poor conditions, and the gondola stopped at Schreckfeld where we skied in white-out conditions for a while. Things didn't look much better after lunch, so we decided to head back down. The white-out cleared about 200 meters below Schreckfeld and we had a really nice run down through high alpine meadows (between the summer barns), fresh powder, and a little bit of single track back down to the Hotel Bodmi.

Our Ski Swiss instructors having a beer at the Hotel Bodmi bar.

From left: Juan (Cran-Montana), Mary Anne (Grindelwald), and Michael (Davos)

© 1999 Thomas Brightbill