Croatia 2007


We arrived in Milna about 5:30 p.m. and met the Mijić family. Our room with private bath and shared deck was wonderful. We dropped off our bags and set off to explore Milna.

Harbor and Waterfront           Room

After wandering along the waterfront, our first stop was the Caffe Bar Conte owned by Tonka Mladinić where we had a beer or two while we watched the sun set. As we sat outside, sailboats would pull up to the seawall and dock with their sterns against the seawall and the their bows pointed straight out into the bay. A wooden gangplank would then be laid from the stern of the boat to the top of the seawall.

After watching the boats dock for a while, we wandered down to a restaurant where I had my best meal of the trip - steak with gnocchi and mushrooms in a light cream sauce.

Day 5 - Day Trip to Bol

Sunday morning started with a wonderful breakfast on the patio overlooking the bay.

Breakfast on the Patio View From the Patio

Before driving to Bol, we decided to do a little shopping in Supetar. As we approached the small town of Mirca, we noticed a policeman. As we approached, he held up his little 'stop' sign so I pulled to the side of the road. As he walked up to the side of the car, I greeted him with a cheerful "Dobro jutro" ("good morning"). He returned the greeting and asked for my 'documents'. I fished out the rental car paperwork and gave him my California driver's license. He then said something in Croatian that I didn't understand. He reached in and pointed to the switch for the headlights. Ah, I needed to have the headlights on. I flipped the switch on and smiled. The policeman continued on in Croatian. I didn't understand what I was saying, but I did recognize the word "kuna" (the Croatian currency). Ah, there was a fine for driving without headlights. I had about 150 kuna in my pocket so I pulled that out. The policeman reached in his pocket and pulled out a blue piece of paper that looked like a small ticket and pointed to "300 kuna". There we sat for a moment - me with my 150 kuna and him pointing to 300 kuna, neither one of us quite sure what to do. After a minute or so, he handed me back my driver's license and walked away. We said "Hvala" ("thank you"), smiled, waved, and drove off.

(That night we asked Mrs. Mijic about driving without headlights. She told us that by law, the headlights must be on and there was a 300 kuna fine (about $60 US) for not having them on. We told her about our experience that morning in Mirca and mentioned that we thought that a 300 kuna fine for driving without headlights was quiet expensive and Mrs. Mijic pointed out that the average monthly salary was about 3,000 kuna so the fine was indeed quite expensive.)

The rest of our trip to Supetar and Bol was uneventful, though at one point we encountered a shepherd herding his flock down the narrow highway.

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