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Site | Marker Plaque Name Location County
267 Mitchler Hotel (Murphys Hotel) 457 Main Street at Algiers Street, Murphys Calaveras
272     Douglass Flat Main Street south of Fairs Lane, Douglass Flat Calaveras
275 Murphys Intersection of Main Street and Jones Street, Murphys Calaveras
276 Robinson's Ferry Vista point on State Highway 49, 5.4 miles south of Angels Camp Calaveras
287 Angels Camp Northeast corner of Main Street and Birds Way, Angels Camp Calaveras
466 The Peter L. Traver Building 470 Main Street, Murphys Calaveras
734 Angels Hotel Northeast corner of Main Street and Bird Way, Angels Camp Calaveras


There is something historical at this site (other than a marker plaque)
There is a bronze plaque from the State of California at this site
There is no plaque from the State of California, but there are one or more plaques from other organizations marking the site